peugeot 3008 monospace

MPVs for the everyday and the exceptional
As your family grows, your car quickly fills up with car seats and pushchairs, not to mention lugage on trips away. So it’s time to take the space back, with a Peugeot multi-purpose vehicle from our MPV range.

Our MPV models, or multi-purpose vehicles, are designed to make everyday driving easier. Delivering versatility and comfort, these MPVs are perfect for schools runs, trips to the park, and family holidays. And not only that, the exceptional driving experiences served up by Peugeot’s large MPV and mini MPV models ensures that getting there is nearly as much fun as the day out.

Each of the cars in our MPV range has been designed to maximise space through flexibility. The 5008 large MPV makes use of our innovative Multi-Flex interior, which lets you fold down six of the seats to get a seating layout to suit your lifestyle. Whether you choose a large MPV or compact MPV, your Peugeot car will more than meet the needs of modern family life.

Plus with gems like the popular New 3008 compact MPV crossover, we’re confident you’ll get as much satisfaction from driving our luxury MPV models as your family will from travelling in them.