2008 SUV

2008 SUV


PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®


The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® offers you a unique driving experience.
With an uncluttered cockpit that's ideal for staying alert and focused, it turns any trip into a real treat.
Thanks to the compact steering wheel, your arms are less open and your hands lower than they would be with a conventional wheel - so your driving style becomes livelier, nimbler and more relaxed.

You'll never need to take your eyes off the road, thanks to the head-up instrument panel with blue LED lights around it. Here, all the key driving information can be viewed right away, allowing you to enjoy a driving experience that's safer and more relaxed.
And last but not least, you can control the vehicle's equipment features using the 7’’ touchscreeni.



A first in the compact SUV segment, the cabin offers a seductively high-quality level of finishing, fine-tuned down to the last nuance and with materials that feel luxurious to the touch.

The lighting ambiance has been crafted with particular care.
The inside of the 2008 and its PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® are bathed in external light thanks to the generous amount of space given to glass surfaces. The instrument panel on the steering wheel is surrounded by extremely high-tech blue LED lights. The roof is available in two options: a panoramic glass roof with light guidesi or a laser-etched roof with backlightingi.



The interior benefits from a modern, uncluttered design that perfectly matches the style of the exterior. The dashboard brings together lines that are ethereal and graphic, and is flanked by ventilators shaped like cat's eyes. The "facetted" elements demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship that's gone into every last detail.


Spacious and practical, the easy-access booti can be converted in no time flat from a 410-litre capacity to 1400 litresi thanks to its 1/3-2/3 seat bench. A simple press on the control located at the top of the seat back is enough to tip it forwards, while the base of the seat disppears automatically. Included in the boot are hooks for securing items and two storage zones at the sides, one with a retaining strap and the other with a storage net. And finally, there's a supplementary space under the floor mat of the boot, offering you an extra 22 litresi .