Un dépannage rapide


Value added services
  • A dedicated team, most of whom have over 10 years experience in the motor industry
  • Strong collaboration in technical, warranty, international standards, merchandising, and communication support from PSA Group
  • An unwavering passion for our brands
  • Our fidelity to our customers
  • Our operations are centralized in prime locations making us easily accessible to the customer
  • A unique level of efficiency thanks to market-oriented process-designed systems
  • 24-hour after-sales and customer care support system
  • Personalized customer care


Our competitive advantage
  • Financial solutions: we have established a positive relationship with local banks and insurance companies thus negotiating low interest rates for our customers
  • Trade-in option: we ease the disposal process of old Peugeot models thus allowing our customers to upgrade to newer models
  • After sales support: technical team providing workshop services across the country through our dealership network and mobile units
  • Fleet Management team: a fully operational department that handles lease and corporate customers
  • Original OEM spare parts: we guarantee every spare part fitted at our workshops by extending a 6-month warranty to the customer
  • Valet services: every vehicle received into our facilities receives full valet services which include a complementary engine wash
  • Driver training: complimentary training course for fleet customers to give their drivers a deeper understanding of how their Peugeot vehicles operate and how to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Pick and drop services: for the convenience of our customers, we have a team of drivers who collect and return customers' vehicles so they do not need to come to the garage