Body shop

Urysia body shop

that is in charge of not only restoring vehicles to original state after accidents, but also undertakes continuous body care. Our body care centre has the expertise and trained team that undertakes the following in-house processes:

  • Vehicle assessment: the vehicle condition is assessed to determine the damages in order to decide which course of action to implement
  • Body work: includes welding, panel beating and filling (hammering out the dents of the metal in order to make its surface smooth), and detaching the interior portions of a panel and returning them into shape. Thereafter, the vehicle is painted and other mechanical repairs that may be required are also undertaken by our body shop
  • Intricate restorations: this caters for extremely damaged vehicles that require extra repairs on their panels. The process involves complex reconstruction work, rebuilding an entire car engine frame and performing in-depth electrical work. 
The Urysia body shop is a professional auto body repair workshop

Clean-to showroom

Clean-to showroom

We offer a clean-to-showroom car wash experience. This service comes with every body repair or can be booked seperatley on customer’s request. The following is also undertaken at the car wash:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Express bumper scratch repair and painting (output time depends on vehicle condition)
We offer a clean-to-showroom car wash experience.